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Spring 2005

May 31, 2005

Current state of theTets: Moving out of Gund
Weight in current food of choice: 1287.23 Krispy Kreme Donuts (yeah, I know, been eating a lot of Krispy Kreme recently)
Time til U2 Concert: 4 months and 4 days

I never realized how much noise the lights in this building make until all you can hear are the hum of the fluorescent lights. Now that everyone has packed up their computers and left, that's really all there is left to hear. It makes these last few days of cleaning up and moving supplies out of the GSD that much weirder. Saying good bye to all your good friends as they leave for different parts of the country/world is very strange and very sad. It's particularly different this year, since this is the end of core studios and next year, most of us are going to be split up and sitting in various parts of Gund Hall, where as we currently all sit in the same designated area and can yell or throw something to get their attention. I think IM and cell phones are highly over rated for these type of situations; a well aimed projectile works much better.

The dart board is being packed up and will be stored at my apartment over the summer. The bottle opener, which served us well over the semester has been taken down leaving a large pile of bottle caps strewn on the floor. I hope I can find room for all this junk. You never realize how much we really live here in studio until it comes time to pack up and move everything. It's almost like having a second apartment; only it costs a lot more and it's not a very relaxing place to live. I'm sure after a few months I will miss the place, but for now, I can't wait to leave.

May 30, 2005

I just can't win. . .

May 29, 2005

Current state of theTets: Packing up studio stuff
Weight in current "food" of choice: 799.45 Glazed Devil's Food From Krispy Kreme
Time til U2 Concert: 4 months and 6 days

The weather yesterday could not have been any nicer; in fact it was perfect for sitting in front of the Fleet Center from nine in the morning till 7:30p.m. with other crazy U2 fans and homeless people hired by scalpers waiting to snatch up any tickets that the box office might release. By the time I arrived, there were already 200 people in line hoping to get tickets to U2's last show of the first leg of their Vertigo Tour. It's a highly coveted ticket, so I can understand the demand; I unfortunately missed getting a ticket by about 60 people. AAAUGH!!!
oh well. I met some very nice Canadians from Toronto who came down without tickets hoping for the chance to get in; they didn't, but were still enjoying the nice Boston weather anyway. They were staying over by the Andrew Square T-stop near our housing project site, so I was able to inform them on some places they could go to get food in the area.

Another person I met had already been to several shows for this tour and a bunch for the Elevation tour and was telling us about how she got in line for a show at 4 in the morning and she wasn't the first person their. PSYCHO? you betcha.
I also met a guy who had been to U2 concerts since 1981, but continued to complain about U2 and how they weren't as good as they used to be, and how corporate they've become and etc. etc. etc. If he has so much anger towards them, why is he standing in line for hours to see a show he doesn't even want to go to? He went on Tuesday like me and didn't think it was all that great of a concert anyway. Bastard.

There were also a bunch of homeless people in line who were apparently hired by ticket scalpers to stand in line all day, because they don't have anything else to do. They were nice enough, but it was clear that they weren't U2 fans and that upset me a little. I may have been able to get a ticket had they not taken up space; bastards!

Soohyung, a former member of Pod4, came down in hopes that I would be able to score a couple of tickets for the show. But since I wasn't able to get up early enough (how early I needed to be there, I'm not sure. 7, 8?) no tickets and we decided to get some dinner. So, naturally we went to Hooters; Soohyung had never been there, it was not my suggestion, just so you all know. I had their Hooter burger, with bacon. The bacon was way too crispy, and all shredded up funny. What happened to nice strips of bacon, not this overcooked bacon chunk things. I order the meat medium rare and I think they may have left it in the microwave for a bit too long. It was dry and tasteless. I'm going to O'sullivan's tonight to bring back my love for hamburgers. The fries were generic curly fries, not too salty, a bit soggy, pretty bland. And their famous buffalo wings? Yeah, not so good either. I've had better fried chicken at KFC. The sauce was a bit spicy but nothing to write home about. And the servers? Not so attractive. They were relying too much on their clothing to help out their attractiveness. Just cause you show a little extra skin doesn't make you a pretty girl.

To top off the horrible tasting dinner, I rode my bike home in a torrential down pour. It was so nice all day, then the rain came. To make myself feel better, I watched the Boston Elevation Tour Concert DVD. So, for today's download, you can listen to the closing songs of the U2 Popmart show in Rotterdam when they played "MLK" and segued into a cover of the song "Rain."

May 26, 2005

Current state of theTets: DONE WITH FINALS! DONE WITH CORE!
Weight in current "food" of choice: 1184.38 Strawberry Toaster Strudels
Time til U2 Concert: 4 months and 9 days

DISCLAIMER: Please do not highlight the text while you read my blog; it annoys me.

So, the U2 concert. . . it wasn't bad, I guess. I lie; it was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to; it's almost as good as the Portland show. If we had been sitting closer, perhaps I would have been more impressed. As it was, my ears are still ringing for how loud they played.

The show began with The Edge, playing the opening chords of "City of Blinding Lights" (yes, my current favorite U2 song), while these awesome light screen thing shimmered down behind the stage. The stage was circular shaped with an additional round ramp that allowed Bono, when he gets bored of standing in the middle, to run around. It was very similar to the stage set-up for the Elevation Tour, only it wasn't heart shaped and the stage was more open in the round. The stage set up was definitely better than the stage for the last tour. More colors and the drop-down screens were much more effective than the screens that they used for the Elevation tour. They were made up of what looked like giant light bulbs; see attached images, so from up close I'm sure the resolution couldn't have been that great, but from where we were sitting, it all looked pretty cool. .

Following "City of Blinding Lights," they quickly went into "Vertigo," which instead of the customary Spanish intro, Bono counted off in Gaelic, in reference to the many Irish in attendance. Then it was on to some older songs: Electric Co. into Ocean; Ocean in particular was incredible as the stage tuned to a beautiful aqua blue color. I don't have pictures of that however, I was mesmerized by the music. . . Anyway, they the went on to play some more songs, Beautiful Day was sweet, what with Adam's heavy bass lines that rumble through the venue and then Sunday Bloody Sunday; always awesome. The Edge played a slightly different solo during Bullet the Blue Sky, not as long, but still very cool. But then they went into an amazing version of Running to Stand Still. Love that transition.

The set list seemed to play to the different eras of U2-dom. They grouped songs from Boy, then from War, then songs from the Rattle and Hum era. For the first encore, they played a ZooTV tour snippet of "Zoo Station," "The Fly," which was awesome, actually both those songs were really sweet live, and then "Mysterious Ways." They came back for the second encore with a rousing edition of "All Because of You!" and then finished with Yahweh and an old school version of "40," where Adam and the Edge switch instruments, and the members leave the stage one by one until Larry is left playing his drums and the crowd continues to sing "how long, to sing this song." Then the lights came back on and the show was over. Sadness, but still very happy that I got to seem them again. I can't wait to see them again in August!!!!

I have more to say, but I'm getting hungry for lunch and I don't really need to be at school anymore, so I shall blog again soon.

May 24, 2005

Current state of theTets: hyped up on U2!!!!! Ecstatic to no end!!!!!A bit woozey. . .
Weight in current "food" of choice: .92 Bono's (just a rough estimate, I have no idea how much Bono actually weighs)
Time til U2 Concert: 4 months and 11 days

So, today was a strange day; I should have guessed by the strange wintery weather we've been having recently (damnit, it's supposed to be summer!). First, I woke up at something like 7 in the morning for no apparent reason, so I read some ProPracCrap to kill time. I ended up dozing off and falling asleep again, only to realize that I was going to be late for the Structures Final Exam Review Session (not sure if the capital letters were necessary). Then, on the way to school a car, a baby blue chrysler minivan driven by some DUMBASS decided to run into me. I sort of hopped up onto the hood and all was good; I think I did tear off the hood ornament however and I should have yelled at the driver some more, but it was raining, I was late and I needed to get to school.

Skip to after lunch: I decided to go downtown to see if I could catch a glimpse of Bono at a book signing thing at the Barnes and Nobles in the Prudential Center. He was indeed there, but there were too many hoochy girls in the way that I could not get near enough to ask him to sign my Structures book. I'm a good student, I was studying while I waited for the Bono to emerge.

I returned back to school to continue studying for the Structures Final (which is what I should be doing now, but I can't concentrate enough, what with U2 on the brain and all) and well, I guess this part isn't really bloggable, so I'll skip to more exciting things:

YAY! The U2 concert!!! Where to begin. . .

Oh, so apparently you are not allowed to bring a camera into the Fleet Center, even though they let me at the REM concert. They said I could take it back to my car, but who in their right mind drives to the Fleet Center? So I said I can't. They said I could give up my memory card; I said I didn't want to; they said I could give up the battery, to which I said ok. This turned out great because little did they know, I always carry a spare battery for the camera. SUCKA'S! well, actually I did lose a pretty expensive battery so maybe i'm a sucker too; oh well.

Kings of Leon? the opening band? didn't really get a chance to hear their set. I was hungry, so Mike and I chose to get food instead. My recommendation? Don't get the hotdogs. First of all, the bun was not even toasted; quite literaly a slice of cheap-ass white bread. And not even good white bread like Wonder Bread or something. For 3,50 I expect better things out of my hot dog. The ketchup and mustard were also difficult to apply without a squeezable container; had to use a weird narrow spoon. And the large fries? not really large and can barely be called fried. They were soggy and too salty and again, couldn't get enough ketchup.

Well, I'm tired now and I'm gonna go to bed so I can get up early to finish studying for Structures. I will continue with my report later.

(End of Strange Day)

May 23, 2005

Current state of theTets: Preparing for Addington's Final Exam
Weight in current food of choice: 4048.3119 Airheads
Time til U2 Concert: Tomorrow NIGHT!!!!

It's Final Exam week, so we're mostly busy studying for finals now. I have three this week, a Lighting and Acoustics Final today, in about an hour, a Structures final on Wednesday, and our Professional Practice Final on Thursday. I'm most interested in doing well on the Structures Final, I'm not worried about the Addington Final, as you may guess since I'm blogging right now, and I'm not too interested in the Professional Practice, so I won't stress about that class too much.

Update on the strawberry: it still has not fallen; there's a bit of growth on it that has attached itself to the side of the opening preventing it from falling any further. Perhaps I should take a poll as to who thinks the strawberry will ever fall in or if it will slowly disintegrate?

The weather is supposed to be real crap this week, so I won't have any excuse to go outside rather than study. However, it will be tought to study for the structures final since I have the U2 concert to attend the night before. They really should schedule the final exams to fit my U2 schedule better. I'm not sure yet, but I think I'm going to wear my U2 ZooTV Tour Road Crew T-shirt to the concert. It's gonna be sweet!!! I'll take my camera and maybe take some pictures if I get a chance to; I might be overwhelmed by the whole spectacle and forget to take pictures though.

I also went to another concert last Saturday. I went with Becky to an AWESOME sold out Snow Patrol concert at the Avalon. They are opening for U2 (the only reason I heard about them) this summer for their festival shows in Europe. I'm hoping that they come back and open for them this fall or winter too, so that I can hear them again. I wasn't sure how good they would be live, but their songs carried over very well into a live set, playing mostly songs from their most recent album Final Straw, mixed with a couple of new songs and old songs from their second album When it's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up. So for this week, I've uploaded a song from their Seattle show. It's one of my favorite Snow Patrol songs and it's called "Spitting Games." Enjoy!


May 17 or 18, 2005 (it depends on how you look at it)

Current state of theTets: Somewhat lethargic?
Weight in current food of choice: 630.34 Pieces of Fried Chicken (mmm, chicken)
Time til U2 Concert: HOLY CRAP LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!

It's been a while since I've blogged hasn't it? Final Reviews were last Thursday, and I've been pretty much asleep since then. Today was my first full day of being awake. I woke up around 8:30ish to help Joanne move some furniture into a storage space. The move, which actually began yesterday, was quite eventful, as all moves should be: let me begin with yesterday. . .

Yesterday went along quite smoothly (except I was scolded for not remembering the dolly or some rope for the bed, but we wouldn't need the rope anyway as you will soon discover) with the moving of smaller items and boxes into Mike's Subaru and Elizabeth's little Mercedes (nice car!). When we arrived at the storage place, a place I used last summer, we couldn't get in because Joanne had not finished confirming her reservation and the office was closed. Unable to unpack, we gave up for the afternoon and made fried chicken and Tets was happy.

The next morning, Elizabeth's car was towed while she was at school, (why people get up so early to work is BEYOND me) with Joanne's stuff still in the back. Finding the impound lot was exciting as Joanne and Elizabeth crammed into the front seat while I drove around the Somerville Target parking lot since impound lot guy insisted that they were located right next to Target at a place called Pat's (like the football team was how the guy said it). He should have mentioned that it's actually past the Target, along side the McGrath highway; also know that there's another Pat's in the vicinity which we discovered is not the impound lot. Who's bright idea was it to have two Pat's in such close proximity to one another one will never know. I should draw a map so no one else gets lost getting there. . . Anyway, did I mention that the fried chicken was good 'cause I had some of the leftovers today; still tasty. We used a slightly different batter this time; a combination of the fried chicken recipe and the onion ring recipe. We also added lots of beer to the batter, Sierra Nevada Pale ale. I think Bud Light was used last time. . .

So, this is how bad I am at updating my blog on a regular basis: I actually started this entry yesterday, the 16, and I now it is the 18th, because I'm still up from working on the dreaded Addington homework. I'd like to say that I found it intellectually challenging, but then I would be lying and I never lie. That's also a lie, I do lie. Now you are confused. Do I or do I no lie? HA! Ponder that for half a second and go on with your lives. . .

During preparation for Final Reviews, I began a small science experiment in my little corner. I wanted to see if a strawberry would eventually shrink and fall into a bottle of Coke (yes, not Pepsi; what can I say, I was a little desperate for caffeine and Coke was the only cola product they sell at Darwin's, which I am happy to say have a new location right by school). The conclusion, is no. It starts to grow before it can fall in. . . please see the images and you will see the evidence.

Anyway, I have more to say, but this entry is already long enough, so I'm going to stop. I'll talk about my final reviews and my thoughts on the future and Middle Eastern politics in another entry which will hopefully occur sooner than later.
So, Mr. AA, I hope you are happy that I am sacrificing the chance to go to sleep earlier so that you can read another installment of the tetslog. Thus, I'm going to include one last sleep song (I have more, but now that I've been sleeping for the last few days, I'm kind of tired of thinking about it). Today's sleep song is the Bare Naked Ladies song "Who Needs Sleep," to which I answer sadly: not an architecture student. This song is a favorite of Becky's (go figure) but I don't have a bootlegged live version of it, so if I get caught and end up paying the record industry millions of dollars for distributing pirated music, oh well, I am already in debt anyway! So, enjoy, while it lasts. . .


May 7, 2005

Current state of theTets: Near panic?
Weight in current food of choice: 67.7690625 Gallons of Water (Yes, I know, I know, I gained a little weight but then I haven't had time to exercise now have I)
Time til U2 Concert: 18 Days

Tomorrow is the Stepanian CD Release party at the Paradise Lounge. It's going to be quite exciting since this will be Mike's first official album. I'm very proud of him and know that the CD will do well. I'm also counting on him to make lots of money so that I can, someday, design a really expensive house and or recording studio for him. And I don't come cheap. . .

Because of the CD release party tomorrow, I am trying to get as much done now as I can, so that I can afford to miss out on the few hours of work that will disappear because of it: I tried to tell MIke not to schedule this stupid thing the weekend before Final Reviews, but I think he likes to make things difficult for me. As the son of a sleep doctor, you would think he'd be more sympathetic towards my sleeping needs and how going to a concert will severely cut into my already slim sleeping time. Not that I would sleep anymore even if I didn't have to go away, but I'd like to think I would. So really the question is, why the heck am I blogging?

So, for today's song of the day, I have uploaded a song that pays tribute a piece of furniture in my apartment that really doesn't get the lovin' that it deserves: my bed. It's a They Might Be Giants song from their little kid's album called BED, BED, BED. The song is also great because it features ping pong balls at the end (at least in the studio version). Yay for drunken ping pong in the GSD! But that's a story for another day. . .


May 2, 2005

Current state of theTets: Working on various drawings and models. . .
Weight in current food of choice: SURPRISE!!! I'm NOT eating right now so I can't tell you how much I weigh
Time til U2 Concert: .46027 Dog Years

Sunday was a total waste of a day. Actually, the hours between midnight and 5 were actually quite productive, but when I got up again and strolled into studio around 1:30 pm, I accomplished almost nothing. I spent a couple of hours in the shop finishing up a crappy massing model for our 1/64 scale site model that we are borrowing from one of last years studios that had our same site. I now realize how hideous my project is. . . oh well. I'll try in the next couple of days to mask the grossness of my housing proposal.

My new theory is that there's no point in me being at school before 6 pm. I get nothing done and my most productive hours occur after the sun goes down. Is this normal or does this only happen to architecture students? This would be the ideal schedule if my body didn't need to sleep more than 4 hours a day:

1) Wake up at some point in the mid-morning, around 9ish
2) Go to whatever classes I have that particular day
3) Go on bike ride for 1.5-2 hours (trying not to get lost)
4) Eat Lunch
5) "Work" on studio or structures or environmental or whatever from 3-5 pm
6) Go play tennis or do something non-school related
7) Eat dinner
8) Work on studio from 8pm till I get sleepy around 4:30-5ish
9) Sleep for a few hours
10) Repeat as necessary

So, in honor of my inability to sleep, todays song of the day shall be a Cure song, aptly titled "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep." For the next week up till final reviews, I shall make it a point to host sleep related songs. Enjoy!


April 28, 2005

Current state of theTets: working on final presentation outline
Weight in current food of choice: 37,296.63 Mike and Ike's
Time til U2 Concert: 26.73 excruciating days

tetsuology: the study and philosophy of theTets; a profound science based in the belief that whatever happens, happens. Worrying about trivial things simply elevates your level of stress and makes one unhappy, so just go about your business, work as hard as you can, but don't let your worries keep you from enjoying your life. theTets believes that at a certain point there are too many variables that rest beyond ones control, so you just have to do what you can and not think/worry about the rest. Not to say that attention to detail is a bad thing, but that some details are best left unknown, such as where the water will drain on your flat roof and how do they make these Mike and Ike's taste SO good?

With only two weeks left until the Final Review, I'm going into full work mode. Much of the project is fully developed except for the elevations (nearing completion) and some architectural aspects of the parking surfaces (has been on the back burner for a while and needs to be reheated) still need to be worked out and finished. I've begun some initial planning for the final presentation and listing some of the things that I need/want to have in order to best represent my project. Our studio will probably be using the large touch screens again so that should be cool. Now I just need to do all the work for presenting; when will I get to sleep again? Probably not until May 8th.

In honor of the elevations that I'm working on, the song of the day will be U2's "Elevation," from the Portland show that I attended a few years ago. Here's a picture I took of Adam from basically the front row after standing in line all day. Ahh, good times. Enjoy.

Anyway, back to whatever. . .

April 24, 2005

Current state of theTets: elevation studies
Weight in current food of choice: 9088.002 Ravioli's from the Turkish conference downstairs (sauce not included in weight)
Time til U2 concert: too long. . .

How about an update on my housing project? I know I've said that I'd post some images, but I really didn't have anything that I liked. So check out the link on the side. Progress has been slow since the MidReview and it's starting to dawn on me that there's really not a lot of time left. Will the stress start to wear down on me? Tune in next time to find out how I'm doing.

We ventured to a food eating establishment last night that I had never been to: a place called Ryle's Jazz Club and Mitch's BBQ. I had the beef ribs, which I normally avoid because I prefer pork ribs, but since they were somehow out of the St. Louis Style Pork Ribs (why a BBQ place would be out of their main entree baffles me as well) I had to choose them since they were cheaper than the other type of ribs and I'm on a budget. And the consensus is this: meat to bone ratio should have been more like the sauce to rib ratio. Basically there was not enough meat on the bone and there was too much sauce for my liking. The meat was decently tender, but not as juicy as I would like. The sauce over powered the meats flavor, so I have no idea what the beef was really like. Not to say that the sauce was bad, it had a nice little kick to it on the back of your tongue, but I like to taste my meat as well. If I wanted just the sauce, I'm sure I could have saved even more money. Their mini-sized hand wipes were a disapointment as well and the beer came in a funny shaped glass. So, to summarize: avoid Mitch's BBQ unless you are getting the Pulled Pork Platter, which is what Johnny ate and don't try new places very often unless you've heard something about the place before-hand. Johnny (he's the creepy looking guy from Fried Chicken Night) seemed to enjoy his meal, thus I will dedicate today's free song to him.

Today's free song is one of the best versions of "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" that I have in my collection. The track comes from the Chicago Elevation show and the bootleg called, "My Kind of Town," not to be mistaken for the boot leg, "My Home-Town," in case you were keeping track (get it, "track"? ok, not funny). The song was actually two tracks, an intro section and then the actual song, so I used the application Peak, to stitch them together and add the fades at the beginning and the end. It's my first time using it, so that was cool. Anyway, enjoy. I need to go: I should really be doing something more productive. . .


April 20, 2005

Current state of theTets: "working" on studio
Weight in current cookie of choice: 5723.27 Oreo Cookies
Time till U2 concert: 33 days, 17 hours, 53 minutes and 49 seconds


I found myself completely lost in Northern Massachussets yesterday; what began as what I had intended to be a quick one hour bike ride (I felt the need to get back to work on studio regardless of the nice weather) turned into a strange two and a half hour trip through the previously unknown towns of Carlisle, Chelmsford and Billerica. Without even knowing it, I was one left turn away from ending up in New Hampshire. I discovered this when I finally returned home and decided to figure out where I went wrong. In theory I knew what I was doing, but really I had no idea what town I was riding through or whether I would make it back before dark. But I did, and now I know what not to do unless I'm planning on riding out to Chelmsford. Check out the map of my ride.

Today's featured song is a Ben Folds song. It is in tribute of Annie's engagement to her long-time boyfriend Jordan; I don't know what his last name is. . . Anyway, congratulations Annie! Click on the image to the right of Annie sleeping in studio to get the song "Annie Waits".


April 18, 2005

Current state of theTets: hoping for studio inspiration
Weight in current drink of choice: 182.92 cans of Coke (though I prefer Pepsi)


Why am I not working on studio? Good question. I shall struggle here in studio for another few hours then hope to produce some drawings for Tuesday's Pin-Down session (pin-downs are like pin ups, only nothing gets pinned up on the wall, the drawings etc. are all "pinned" or placed down on a table. Sneaky eh?)

Since I have nothing more to add, I will begin a countdown till the my U2 concert on May 24th at the Fleet Center. 36 days and 19 hours and 28 minutes and 44 seconds (now it's 38 seconds. . .) Anyway, I'm very excited. I haven't decided on which U2 t-shirt to wear yet though. . .

Here's another concert that I would love to go to, but it's too far away and too expensive: 2005 Coachella Valley Music Festival. Three out of my four favorite bands are featured: Coldplay, Snow Patrol and New Order. Last year, Radiohead and The Cure headlined (also two of my favorites if you've ever checked my itunes library, you'd understand) If U2 were there this year, I would do just about anything to attend.

Time to stop dreaming and back to work. . .

April 17, 2005

Current state of theTets: procrastinating
Weight in current food of choice: 1254.36 Original Glazed Krispy Kreme donuts


I've been enjoying the excess space that the GSD has given us in their new auxiliary server, as exemplified by the two U2 songs that I have made available to you all. It allows me to store larger files that can be accessed by anyone through web browsers and such. It's also good because the amount of web space the GSD let's us have is getting pretty full. Therefore, I will continue to post links to music (the non-commercially available kind, such as live bootleg recordings) and other such things that I think will interest the readers of tetslog via this new server. The featured song is the leader of our Thursday Night Drinking Club's favorite Pearl Jam song. Enjoy.

Come back next week for another cool download.


April 16, 2005

Have I told you all about my new mouse? Yes, that's correct. I finally broke down and bought a mouse that has more than one button. I've owned it for about a month now and it has made my life some what easier I think. Unfortunately, I now expect my self to draw faster, but that's just not happening yet. Perhaps when I finally figure out what it is I want to draw, the mouse will become more useful, but for now, I make it do what I can. Zoom in, zoom out, pan pan pan, draw line, delete line, check email, check u2.com, throw some darts, draw line, eat an airhead, eat a cookie, etc. . .

Speaking of cookies, I recently bought some cookies with a very amusing box. Check them out at www.jimbenton.com. Perhaps people will start to think twice about stealing my food when they see these (then again I doubt it). There's lots of other funny stuff there too. Enjoy.

Anyway, back to the mouse: the mouse is a Logitech MX 310. It's got five buttons, plus a scroll wheel, which has definitely made it easier to zoom in and out in Vectorworks. I've programmed the buttons so that the commands that I use the most, extend, trim and 2D select, are always at my fingertips. But the only problem I find is that I try and use those commands in other programs, but they don't all have the same key shortcuts, so I end up doing crazy things. I'm also still getting used to having to hold down the option key when zooming and using the scroll wheel. On numerous occasions I have accidently scrolled around a drawing in Vectorworks losing track of my drawing and thus having to zoom completely out to find it again.

Our latest batch of Pod4 Ale was very successful. While it did not taste at all like the Fat Tire we were attempting to clone, we still ended up with a very tasty beer. It's very chocolately with a fairly high alcohol content (I turn very red, very quickly), but very smooth with a slight after-taste. Our next batch will be a Chimay clone, a very difficult beer to brew, but I think we'll still be able to manage to make something drinkable.

I still haven't managed to get any images of my mid-review; I probably won't get a chance to in the near future, but then again, I might need an excuse to procrastinate, in which case you may see more updates to the tetslog.

By the way, I've managed to attain several concert recordings from U2's current Vertigo Tour, including the opening night concert. If you want, listen to the first song that they played. They've been toying with several different setlists, but for the opening night, they began with, coincidently, my current favorite U2 song, "City of Blinding Lights." Awesome. Check it out!


April 8, 2005

YAY, another update from thetets (a newish nickname my friends have starting to use when refering to me. It comes from the website Homestar Runner and one of the character named "thecheat"). It's been a long time since I last posted I realize, but I didn't have the motivation to come in during spring break, which was a last week, and then we had Mid project reviews this week, so I didn't have any extra time to post any new information.

Spring break was fun and relaxing. I purchased some new road shoes and clip-less pedals to replace my old ones which were getting difficult to unclip from as well as the shoes being really really old and worn out. So, I had some fun new bike toys to play with. Unfortunately, I did pick up a bit of a cold which is only just now starting to go away. Regardless, the break was nice cause I didn't need to come to school for a WHOLE week, without guilt (well, maybe a little since we did have mid reviews. . .)

My mid-project review went pretty well I think; it was very helpful and constructive. Much of the initial discussion dealt with my overall site planning of the block and the utilzation of a the parking structure as more than just as a utilitarian plane but as something that effectively becomes part of the orientation and architecture of the housing structures. Then the discussion went into the actual housing structure and the individual units and how I really don't have a set goal in mind for how or what I want it to look like and what it should do. I guess that's kind of important. Oh well. I'll put up some images at some point.

Mike, my apartment-mate is having a CD release party for his band Stepanian, on May 7th at the Paradise Lounge. Tickets are 15 bucks, but it includes a copy of their new CD entitled Autumn She Leaves. It's already sold out, but their is a wait list. I've listened to it a couple of times and it is really cool, so if you need more information you about the band and their new album, go to their website: http://www.stepanianband.com/.

That's all the news for now; will post again soon with images and more links. I'm going on a bike ride now.

March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's day I guess. Actually, the luck of the Irish has not been so good for me as of late and today has confirmed this as fact: I've somehow managed to lose the Fall 2004 archive of tetslog. Yes, it's very sad (I was even wearing my green U2 t-shirt). I will repost as much of the links that I can, but unfortunately my occasionally yapping from last fall will no longer exist. The Spring 2004 archive is however still safe and sound and I will be sure to back it up else where.

On a fun note, my good friend Laura's website has started to go up, so please check it out at www.lauraduncan.com. She's also an M-Arch 1 and has been in a couple of my studios; you may have seen her in such classic photos as the Halloween Party and from Pod4.

O.K. I have to study for a Final exam for Michelle Addington's Environmental Technologies class now. Wish me luck. . .

March 6, 2005

The snow from last week's "snow storm," (I'm not really calling it a snow storm because it didn't even snow a foot this time) is begining to melt, just in time for more snow in the next couple of days. Hooray! I was able to go on a ride outside for the first time in weeks on Friday, so that was good, I suppose. I fear that when the weather become consistently nice enought for biking and tennis outside, I will become so consumed by studio work that I won't get to enjoy it.

Currently, I'm working on a site analysis of South Boston (the image of Joanne getting hit by a snowball is from one of my site visits, and courtesy of Johnny). Exciting stuff. Anyway, I won't bore you with the details. Instead, I'll tell you about how I've been trying unsuccessfully to snag some floor tickets to the U2 concert on May 28th, their final show in the U.S. before heading across to Europe to play stadium shows for the summer. So far, the cheapest I can find tickets is for 375 dollars each, which is way too much. I hate ticket brokers and scalpers. Their should be laws against them. They will, however, be back touring the U.S. in the fall, so hopefully next time I will get another shot. They release the concert dates on Monday; can't wait!

I've updated the projects section to include some of the work I did in undergrad. I can't say that they are better or worse than what I'm doing now; just different. Different methodologies and different philosophies and emphasis: I'm hoping these things will all make a better architect in the long run. . .

February 25, 2005

Our first pinup/review was on Tuesday, so I've had a few days of rest from studio work. It's already been a very hectic semester, but the last couple of days have been kind of fun. I shall now update everyone on my new studio setting. The dart board set up is now in my pod, so people seem to come by quite frequently. Thankfully, my headphones cancel out much of the noise and I can still concentrate on work. My buttmate for the semester is Julie; she sings show tunes a lot. I face Joanne, who made all of the yummy food for superbowl and fried chicken. I sit diagonal from Saran. who makes sure to remind me of my non-asianness.

Our most recent batch of beer is close to the bottling phase. We have decided to brew a beer similar to Fat Tire Ale. Our last batch had to be thrown away because it tastes so bad; I think we messed up at some point in the brewing process; perhaps it was Irwin's spit. Speaking of Irwin, he seems to enjoy throwing darts into the hallway behind the dart board as well as digging through trash; see the linked images.

February 10, 2005

The weather has not improved much since I last wrote; the snow has not completely melted yet, but I have been able to go on a few bike rides. They've been really cold though, so I wasn't able to ride for very long for fear that my feet would freeze off. The last couple of days have been nice and sunny, but today it decided to snow/sleet/hail a bit.

A week and a half into school and i'm already staying up all night; I miss sleep. This semester will be dedicated to the study of housing, housing patterns and urban form. Our site is in the South End of Boston. Our studio hasn't made a trip out to the sites yet because we are determined to have an understanding for housing and housing precedence before we begin our own interventions. But it has been difficult for me to think about the project without a clear understanding of the site context.

I tried to get additional tickets to the U2 shows here in Boston, but the tickets that I wanted, floor general admission tickets for the 28th, sold out too quickly. I guess I can use the money I saved on school supplies.

January 27, 2005

Last weekend we had a nice pleasant little blizzard that dumped about 2 feet of snow here in Boston. I have been forced to stay inside for the most part, venturing out only for food and excercise. I've put up some images of the snow. Apparently, after walking home in the blizzard with Mike at about 2 in the morning, I had the sudden urge to shovel the sidewalk, so that dark blur you see is me. Don't ask me why, just ask Mike why he didn't stop me, cause I don't know.

Incidently, I think you should all check out Mike's website as well at: http://www.mtsmusic-nw.com/page8.html

His band, Stepanian, are currently working on a new album due to be released sometime in May. From what I've heard, the new songs are pretty good and I'm very excited for them. They have a bunch of shows this spring, so I may try and go here a couple of them, if school will let me.

Other big news includes information on the world wide tour the U2 will be embarking on this spring, summer and autumn. Currently we have tickets for their May 24 and 26 shows in the seats, but when the tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, we will try and score General Admission tickets as well. The only catch is, the week of Final exams coincide with the show dates at the Fleet Center, so if I have an exam or a review on the 24th or 26th, I will be unable to stand in line all day for GA.

Well, that's all for now. School starts next week, so wish me luck. I'm gonna go try out the indoor tennis courts across the river now, so bye!

January 11, 2005

Happy New Years! I've updated my projects section to include images from my final studio presentation. That's all for now.



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