These are in chronological order up until I got tired of taking pictures of a strawberry, and because I no longer had to be in studio. Also notice the slowly dwindling supply of tasty airheads. . .

The Evidence

In the begining: May 7th, 6:25 AM

May 7th, 6:24 PM

May 8th, 6:46 AM

May 9th, 6:12 AM

May 9th, 5:48 PM

May 10th, 5:48 AM

May 11th, 8:42 AM

May 11th, 5:10 PM

May 12th, 2:53 AM

May 12th, 12:15 PM

May 14th, 6:12 PM

May 16th, 4:30 PM


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