Samothraki 2004

While on Samothraki, I produced several sets of different drawings. The first set of drawings are elevations of the temple located on the Eastern Hill of the Sanctuary. I developed three different schemes for the small ionic porch that was an addition to the doric temple dedicated to Phillip and Alexander.

The next set of drawings are of various blocks and fragments that were found on the Eastern Hill.

Finally, I also produced a section and reflected ceiling plan of the ionic porch addition.

The Drawings

Click on image for a larger version


Pitch Roof South Elevation

Pitch Roof West Elevation


Shed Roof South Elevation

Shed Roof West Elevation


Hip Roof South Elevation
Hip Roof West Elevation


Anta Base
Sima Fragment



Geison T-66
Geison T-68



Ionic Porch Reflected Ceiling Plan
Ionic Porch Ceiling Section





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