GSD 1318
6th Semester Option Studio
Critic: Jorge Silvetti


Copan Trip Images


Mid Review Images

The Musuem of Mayan Archaeology in Copan essentially grew out of the lush jungle environment found throughout Honduras. The site, located within the nationally protected archaeological zone near the Copan ruins, finds itself particularly embedded in the forested grounds as I've chosen to situate the building along side an existing structure that lies at the edge of the forest. The intention was to create varying senses of light filtration similar to the light condition found walking through the jungle. Inside of the galleries, specific programmatic requirements of the exhibits would determine the density of the vertical louvers. In turn, the museum will be able to rely on mostly passive daylighting for illuminating the interiors as well as creating a new screen onto the jungle. The museum will become the new facade upon entry to the archaelogical site for both visitors and researchers.

Final results of the semester long project:


Model Images

FormZ Renderings


Plans, Sections & Misc. Drawings



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